Now Pitch for Real!

Now pitch for real!

Once you've been through the course and nailed your pitch, send it to the Collective Hub team for consideration.

1. Craft your perfect pitch using the below framework

2. Send your story to [email protected]

3. Share your story on social and hashtag #collective101

4. Don't let the pitching stop there, now that you've got the picture perfect pitch, you can approach some of your favourite publications.

Please note: We cannot accept every pitch that comes our way, but we will do our best to give feedback to help strengthen your story.

Who are you? Detail your background and the experience you’ve gained leading up to starting your own business. Feel free to name drop if someone prominent has tried or tested your product and liked it.
What’s your company name and what does it do? Whittle this down to one punchy sentence.
What is unique about your business? People rarely tell us this and it would help them immensely if they did.
What’s your bait? A meaty backstory, a huge mistake you learned from, famous customer, etc. This is the part that will help get your story across the line if what is unique about your company doesn’t seem so unique to the editor.
What’s your hook? Bonus facts and impressive numbers (sales, revenue, growth, anything interesting).